We made it!

It wasn’t without mishaps, and don’t get me started about airplane food. Our poor kitty cat doesn’t know where we are, and we can’t explain it to her because she doesn’t speak English. But we got inexpensive SIM cards and the two together rail pass that will give us discounts on our train rides, and have now had a brief nap or shower. What we learned: Dixons, which sells cheap SIM cards, was on the wrong side of security. Vodafone has a SIM card as cheap as the O2 one, with more data. You can get cheap passport photos in…
british flags across the street in front of an old building

England trip itinerary

We’re planning to visit three places in England: Bath, Devon, and London. Bath Bath originated as a Roman spa, and was popular during the Regency period. Jane Austen set much of Persuasion there, and there’s a Jane Austen museum (we’re going to go). We picked Bath because there’s plenty to see, it’s easy to get to from London, and it’s more calm than London. We like having somewhere not-so-overwhelming while we’re getting over jet lag. In Scotland, we started in Oban for the same reason. We’re staying in an Airbnb, and we’re taking a couple of day tours, to Avebury…

6 miles in San Pedro Park

We’re 23 days away from our trip, and 30 days away from our hike. So, we dragged a couple of friends on a 6 mile walk with us today in San Pedro Park, in Pacifica. The weather started out perfect: cool and overcast, with a 20% chance of rain. By the end, the sun was coming out and we were hot and tired. But it was beautiful along the way, and we encountered a pair of wild turkeys. You don’t see that just anywhere!
Small ship that looks like it's been storm damaged. Sitting on the pavement, with a backhoe next to it.

Hiking Prep*

Ben and I are both kinda out of shape. Our hike in Devon will be an easier walk than the Great Glen Way1, but I think we’re in worse shape than last time. :-/ So I made up a hiking ramp up schedule: 3/17 (that’s today): 4 mile loop around our town. 3/23-24: 4 mile loop with hills, probably through Quarry Park 3/30-31: 5 mile hike 4/6-7: 6 mile hike, probably from home into Half Moon Bay, stop for lunch, and back 4/13-14: 8 mile hike, maybe in San Pedro Park? With full packs. 4/20-21: We’ll be packing, so we…
Map of the route we'll be walking in England, from Exmouth to Lyme Regis. You can't really read the place names. :-/

Hike in Devon

We’re just booking our hike in Devon. Last year in Scotland, we hiked the Great Glen Way, walking from village to village, staying at B&Bs. We’re doing a similar trip this year. We’ll be walking a section of the South West Coast Path, from Exmouth to Lyme Regis, along the Jurassic Coast. It’s an easier trip, with the long days being less than 10 miles. I think we’ll cover 30 miles over 4 days. We opted for an extra day in Sidmouth, so we can bop around the village or go for a shorter loop walk. I’m really looking forward…

Oban & Kerrera

Kerrera is the strip of an island just off the coast of Oban. We did a 7 mile loop hike, with a castle and a tea garden in the middle. It was charming, and the ferry drivers are friendly! (There’s just the one ferry. It goes about 500 feet each way. It fits a car, but I don’t think non-local cars are allowed.) (Also, I’m trying out galleries.) Hope you enjoyed the random photos! I hope I’ve figured out which gallery settings I like best. 🤔