We made it!

It wasn’t without mishaps, and don’t get me started about airplane food. Our poor kitty cat doesn’t know where we are, and we can’t explain it to her because she doesn’t speak English. But we got inexpensive SIM cards and the two together rail pass that will give us discounts on our train rides, and have now had a brief nap or shower.

What we learned:

  • Dixons, which sells cheap SIM cards, was on the wrong side of security.
  • Vodafone has a SIM card as cheap as the O2 one, with more data.
  • You can get cheap passport photos in a booth at Paddington Station. (You need them for the rail pass.)
  • Economy Delight was well worth the price: we lucked out with three seats for ourselves, and weren’t as cramped while we waited on the tarmac for an hour and a half while they figured out an issue with a gauge.

What we didn’t learn:

  • Whether Paddington Bear is at Paddington Station.
  • Whether we can get gluten free food at the falafel place next door.
  • How long it’ll take to acclimate to the time change.