Small ship that looks like it's been storm damaged. Sitting on the pavement, with a backhoe next to it.

Hiking Prep*

Ben and I are both kinda out of shape. Our hike in Devon will be an easier walk than the Great Glen Way1, but I think we’re in worse shape than last time. :-/

So I made up a hiking ramp up schedule:

  • 3/17 (that’s today): 4 mile loop around our town.
  • 3/23-24: 4 mile loop with hills, probably through Quarry Park
  • 3/30-31: 5 mile hike
  • 4/6-7: 6 mile hike, probably from home into Half Moon Bay, stop for lunch, and back
  • 4/13-14: 8 mile hike, maybe in San Pedro Park? With full packs.
  • 4/20-21: We’ll be packing, so we might not get in a long walk this weekend.
  • 4/28: We fly

Then we’ll go for 1-2 mile walks most days, or 3 mile walks on the days I’m WFH. Of course, if we’re unwell, we may curtail the walks.

Why haven’t we been ramping up already? Because we’re not that smart.

Here’s a derelict boat from today’s 3.8 mile walk:

P.S. We do live somewhere beautiful.

* Ben suggests this post should be called Preparation H. I spared us all.

1 The shortest day on the GGW was 8 miles with steep hills, and the longest was 15 miles with steep hills. The longest day on our South West Coast Path walk will be less than 10 miles, and none of the days has steep hills. Hills, yes. Not like the Highlands.

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  1. I thought we were signing up for four days of walking. Really, it’s seven weeks. Really really it’s for the rest of our lives. Yipes!

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