6 miles in San Pedro Park

We’re 23 days away from our trip, and 30 days away from our hike. So, we dragged a couple of friends on a 6 mile walk with us today in San Pedro Park, in Pacifica. The weather started out perfect: cool and overcast, with a 20% chance of rain. By the end, the sun was coming out and we were hot and tired. But it was beautiful along the way, and we encountered a pair of wild turkeys. You don’t see that just anywhere!
Small ship that looks like it's been storm damaged. Sitting on the pavement, with a backhoe next to it.

Hiking Prep*

Ben and I are both kinda out of shape. Our hike in Devon will be an easier walk than the Great Glen Way1, but I think we’re in worse shape than last time. :-/ So I made up a hiking ramp up schedule: 3/17 (that’s today): 4 mile loop around our town. 3/23-24: 4 mile loop with hills, probably through Quarry Park 3/30-31: 5 mile hike 4/6-7: 6 mile hike, probably from home into Half Moon Bay, stop for lunch, and back 4/13-14: 8 mile hike, maybe in San Pedro Park? With full packs. 4/20-21: We’ll be packing, so we…