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Day 2: Grosvenor Square

With the part of our morning not spent eating, packing, or getting to the train station, we took a walk to Grosvenor Square in Mayfair. All the Regency books set in London (ok, maybe not all of them) have their heroes living in Mayfair, often on Grosvenor Square. If all of those characters actually lived there, there would be many times as many houses as fit around the square. 😆 So we had to visit, while we were in walking distance. It seems like Americans have basically taken over the square. The biggest monument in the park is a statue…

Day 2: Paddington Station Redux

I found a whole Paddington Bear store at Paddington Station, while we waited for our train to Bath. I was charmed. We did make it to Bath. Our airbnb flat is lovely, with tall ceilings and huge windows, overlooking a park. Other than going to the Sainsbury’s for groceries and to an Indian restaurant for dinner, we haven’t seen much of the town. What we have seen seems to be charming, if touristy.

Day 1: Hyde Park / Kensington Gardens

After we settled into our hotel and rested, we wanted to go for a walk. I’ve read about Hyde Park in tons of Regency romances and historical novels, and it was just half a mile from our hotel. I learned that one side of the Serpentine is Hyde Park, and the other side is Kensington Gardens, where Kensington Palace is, which you can almost see in the background of one of the photos. We didn’t get close to the palace, we were just out for a little walk. On our way there, a couple on the street asked us where…