London: Museums

We did hit many of the museums, as one ought. London is glutted with museums, and fortunately Caroline pointed us to a couple of very cool ones…

Museum of London

I picked this one because bits of the ancient London Wall go near it, and because it’s all about London, unlike say the British Museum, which Caroline described as <where to go see all the things Brits stole>.

Father Time at the Museum of London.
You’ve gotta give it to this guy, that’s a funky outfit. (From the Victorian Garden scene.)

The Tate Modern

Malevich at the Tate Modern.
I guess we should’ve taken notes about the artists, along with photos.
I love how you can see both of us reflected in the glass of this piece. – Liza
Escargo by Matisse at the Tate.
Yinka Shonibare, The British Library 2014.
I just loved this exhibit. It’s >6,000 hardcover books individually covered in garish print fabric, each printed with the name in gold foil of a first or second generation immigrant who made significant contributions to British culture and history. As the daughter of an immigrant and a book lover, I felt incredibly touched by this exhibit.
FYI, I’m entirely aware that I’m incompetent at taking photos of rectilinear art. Apologies. (Prior rectilinear photos were Ben’s.) That’s 3x3m in size!
You’ll have to decide whose photo is better. :p

The Novelty Automation place

We loved this place! It’s all weird games, like automated fortune tellers but bizarre. Check out the videos at

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Liza is is mildly amused by the blue lady gettin’ down with her bad self at the Globe Theater.

Sir John Soane’s Museum

Architect Sir John Soane rebuilt these to house his work, home and massive collection of art, many of which are castings of Italian originals. We weren’t allowed to take photos, but their website shows much of the collection. It’s as if he was displaying samples that is customers may want to incorporate into their designs. We were struck by the clever things Soane did to get natural light to shine from various skylights down all the way to the ground floor. Remarkable!

Soane combined buildings 12, 13 and 14 to make his museum, architecture firm and home.

Shepherd’s Bookbinders Shop

Press at the book binding shop.