We spent a couple of days puttering around Bath seeing the sights. The town has plenty of outside money coming in making it hard for young locals to buy. Another odd thing about the architecture is that all buildings use locally quarried limestone, so the city is all coordinated yellow. Speaking of coordinated, we walked by a group of women out on a hen night (bridal shower-ish) and they were all wearing matching dresses. Liza said they looked coordinated. I said, oh yeah, but wait ’till they’ve had a few, they’ll be all over the place!

Going on. We went to the Roman Baths which are fed by five well-flowing springs. It’s been there for a loooong time, and the Romans did a heck of a job dressing it up. Praise be upon Sulis Minerva! We also stepped inside the Jane Austin Museum. Her family lived in Bath for 5 or so years, and the town is quite proud. She invented romantic satire in the 1800s so she’s worthy of the praise and museum. We ate at several vegetarian restaurants, some casual, one fancy place that was very creative. Our favorite was the Lebanese place near the train station. Eating at restaurants can be challenging for a gluten-sensitive vegetarian who avoids cow dairy, but all of the places we went were prepared and happy to help. What the heck, US?!

Next up: walking along the Devon coast.

Not really lost in Bath, ’cause you can see the abbey spire.
Mr. T pot.
In the abbey.